We're like marathon runners, tirelessly working with complicated issues even if they take many years to resolve.

Purposefulness and development. We are constantly improving our work and monitoring legal trends in Latvia and in other countries.  Only after taking a careful and in-depth look at the needs and desires of our clients do we seek out the most appropriate solution to achieve the best possible result.  Sometimes one properly phrased question opens the door to the correct solution, and we know how to pose such questions.

Our team. Thanks to the experience and diverse knowledge of our office’s specialists, we can take an in-depth look at the legal problems of every one of our clients, evaluate them, find arguments, and achieve the best result.  The staff of the law firm work as a single team to merge knowledge and ensure the necessary result for the client.

 Confidentiality. We understand that mutual trust is an essential component in our work, and we understand and respect each client’s right to confidentiality.  Lawyers are not allowed to disclose things that have been said during a process of legal assistance, and we always observe the very highest principles in the area of confidentiality.