We're like marathon runners, tirelessly working with complicated issues even if they take many years to resolve.

In 2007, the “O. Cers and J. Jurkāns” law firm joined two international organisations of legal and bookkeeping professionals – MSI Global Alliance and BTG Global Network – so as to provide our clients with the best possible support outside of Latvia. In 2009, the office joined the Hansa Law Offices network to facilitate the availability of its services in the Baltic States. Membership in these organisations provides our clients with effective and professional representation of their interests throughout the world. We work with the most talented teams of specialists outside of Latvia.

MSI Global Alliance has brought together more than 250 leading law firms and bookkeeping companies in at least 100 countries and for the past two decades. The alliance’s joint views and quality criteria allow us to recommend other companies in the alliance that work abroad to our clients while being entirely sure that they will be helped by professionals who have similar thoughts and who will represent client interests with sufficient care and confidentiality.

MSI Global Alliance – www.msiglobal.org

Hansa Law Offices is a unified network of legal service providers in the Baltic States. This partnership allows the office to provide rapid and trustworthy legal aid to its clients in Estonia and Lithuania. Interestingly, the original idea for the organisation was to bring together law firms in the main cities of the historic Hanseatic League. The similarities of these historical markets allow us to effectively merge local and transfrontier competences when it comes to legal issues.

Hansa Law Offices – www.hansalaw.com